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How to Plan a Surprise Party!

Published: 08/28/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

Do you want to plan a surprise party? It could be a birthday party, an anniversary, or even a baby shower. Whatever the occasion, you may need a little help in knowing exactly how to plan or set up the perfect S

Halloween preparation…

Published: 09/19/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

Halloween is around the corner. Like many people, I will try to avoid the stores and shop online for two main reasons: first I don't want to be stock in traffic and second more items to choose from

Adult Halloween Bash

Published: 10/19/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

Children are not the only people that celebrate the Halloween season. And if you have children who are celebrating you can have your fun too by hosting a party a few nights before the actually trick-or-treating begins.

A Murder Mystery Party

Published: 08/30/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

One of the newest trends that is popping up is hosting murder mystery parties. They are great for bringing people out of their shells. You can experience another time and era and be the super sleuth. Good luck on solving the mystery!A

No Girls Allowed: Sleep Over for Boys

Published: 08/31/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

We usually plan slumber parties for little girls. But what about boys? They might like slumber parties as well. Here are some tips to making your party great for boys. No girls allowed...well, except maybe for mom!

Flower Girl: Jobs, Gifts, and Attire

Published: 10/13/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

Being a flower girl is a very important job. And here are a few tips that will help you understand the job that they have. And what gifts to choose to thank them and the perfect wedding attire for them.

Entertainment for a Bachelor Party

Published: 10/14/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

A bachelor party is the last hurrah for a man. It is the supposedly the last time he will ever have fun before he weds his wive-to-be. Here are some ways to make the bachelor's last day of "freedom" the most memorable to him.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress For You

Published: 08/27/2007 by PartyPages.Com in Articles

Choosing a wedding dress can be a very tricky thing. Most women dream about their perfect weddings since before they were old enough to date. These are a few tips on the many different styles and types of weddi

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