Fashion Show for Kids

Published: 09/23/2007 by PartyPages.Com

Fashion Show for Kids
Children love praise. And they love to be recognized. What better way to give them both than to host a child's fashion show. And it can be done for all ages and all occasions. Really, it doesn't have to be any special occasion to have a fashion show. Maybe to are planning one for your kids' next play-date. It takes little time and little effort to get your red carpet event started!
First, let all of the parents know that you intend to host a fashion show. Even invite friends and family that don't have children. They may want to share in the fun. Set a date and a specific time for your guests to arrive. Usually, most parties or special events last for about 1 or 2 hours. If you are having smaller children such as babies and younger toddlers, you don't want to interfere with nap-time. Cranky kids would be no fun treat.
Let all guests know what type of theme you will be having with the party. Your fashion show may be a back-to-school theme. Or maybe, you want to have a costume themed fashion show. It may let everyone see your Halloween costumes or some that are just fun to wear. And what about dressing all of the children up in very elegant and classy outfits. They can be very formal and not your usual Sunday's best. You don't necessarily have to have a theme. You may want a mixture of outfits or just to show off some new clothing that you have purchased for your child.
Ask parent's to bring more than one outfit. Depending on the number of children who will be participating, the number of clothing articles that they intend on changing into will determine how long the show will be. If you are having five or six kids in the show, ask them to bring just as many, separate pieces to try on.
For decorations, you may want to lay out a special rug or blanket for the children to walk on. You may want to designate a certain hall or walkway so that they children feel that they are on the Runway. Safety first. Make sure that if you do lay down any rugs or blankets, that they do not slip or slide if you have hardwood flooring. It would be terrible for someone to fall and get hurt.
Don't be too pushy. If a child does not want to participate or is too shy to walk the carpet, let them sit out and watch. Just be sure to find something that they may feel comfortable in doing. Have them run the light show. Give them a flashlight to flip off and on. Or let them choose the music. You want to have something that parent's will appreciate. Don't play any type of music that is not appropriate and that will upset anyone. Fast paced nursery rhymes would be fun. Or some fun, new age music. And if you prefer not to have music from the radio or discs, ask the children to make instruments for the parents. Then the adults can play them as the children come out.
For the menu, since this may be a smaller group, finger foods may be fine. Offer small sandwiches or maybe even a tray of fresh fruits and vegetables. Offer a side of dip such as ranch dressing or fruit dip for your platters. You may want to serve hot dogs and cheeseburgers if you want something more filling. Serve a few sweet treats for the kids such as cookies or cupcakes. And for beverages, you may want to offer water, juice, or tea. Make sure that you have drinks that are lower in sugar. You don't need a group of children who are on a sugar rush.
Go big! Make the children feel like little actors and actresses for the day. Give them the red carpet treatment. They are the stars and should be praised!

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